The RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023

This is a challenge for all diabetics, & has value for pre-diabetics, known diabetics, & those who are on, & not on medication. However, participating individuals with HbA1C of 5.7 and above only, at the time of enrollment will be considered for the prizes. Nevertheless, all participants irrespective of their HbA1C, at the time of enrolment, will be entitled to participate in the challenge & receive weekly health tips & participate in the weekly webinars.


The criteria for judging the winners, will be based on positive lifestyle change, reduced BMI, and reduced HbA1C. Judges will evaluate lifestyle based on lifestyle documentation at the start & end of the challenge.

Categories: Male & Female will form separate categories as follows.

  • RAK Diabetes Physical Participants Those participants who wish to be a part of the Physical Diabetes Challenge category, may undergo BMI & HbA1C test (Free of cost) at the RAK Hospital Tent facility, Ras Al Khaimah & must bring all their Registration Documents for validation. Please note that the lifestyle evaluation test can be taken online. All Physical participants will receive weekly health tips on how to manage their diabetes and are eligible to attend our expert webinars on diabetes management.
  • RAK Diabetes Virtual Participants Participants may take their BMI & HbA1C test at their own cost at any medical clinic convenient to them. But to qualify for an Award/Recognition, the participant must submit proof of BMI & HbA1C reports taken on first & final day of the challenge, certified by the clinic, or on the clinic letterhead. .We propose to get in touch with various clinics & medical institutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & in other Emirates, to make available HbA1C tests at heavily discounted rates .to Virtual Participants. Details regarding this scheme will be displayed in the website. Please note that the lifestyle evaluation test can be taken online. All Virtual Participants will receive weekly/fortnightly health tips, on how to manage their diabetes, & are eligible to attend our expert weekly/fortnightly webinars on diabetes management.
  • RAK Hospital OP Clients RAK Hospital’s esteemed out-patient clients, will be automatically enrolled for the challenge if their recorded Fasting Blood glucose levels are above 130 mg/dl or Random Blood Sugar levels are over 200mg/dl or HbA1c above 5.7, or are on diabetes medication. If they opt to undergo the HbA1C test as either Physical or Virtual participants they will be eligible for prizes. All RAK Hospital OP’s will receive the weekly/fortnightly health tips & be invited for the weekly/fortnightly Diabetes Mgmt seminars. .
  • Diabetes Team Challenge for Corporate Organizations We also propose to institute a Corporate Team challenge for Diabetics in Corporates. Details regarding the methodology will be circulated to Corporates in due course.