RAK Diabetes Challenge Period

3 Months (From 24 th September 2022 to 18 th December 2022)


Registration is Free for all participants in the various Emirates of the UAE. All participants have to register on the Online RAK Diabetes Challenge 2022 website registration link.

  • Online Registration for all categories, Starting Date: 15 th September 2022
  • *Virtual Category Registration from 15 th to 25 th September
  • *Physical Category Registration from 15 th to 25 th September
  • Walk-in Registration: Participants, who are unable to Register online, may Register by reporting to RAK Hospital Lawn Facility, Ras Al Khaimah on 24th or 25 th September between 9am-5pm.
  • *Virtual participants may undergo the tests at their own cost at any clinic of their choice.
  • *Physical participants may undergo the tests free of cost at the RAK Hospital facility.

Registration Documents

All Participants: On Registering in the Registration link, will get access to Registration Form, comprising Name, Regn No , Medical details, etc.


Since this is a challenge for diabetics, participating individuals with HbA1C of 5.7 and above, on enrollment will be considered for the prizes. However, all participants irrespective of HbA1C will be entitled to receive weekly health tips & participate in the weekly webinars.

Male & Female will form separate categories

The criteria for judging the winners will be based on a combination of positive lifestyle change, improved BMI and reduced HbA1C

RAK Diabetes Physical Participants*

Those participants who wish to be a part of the Physical Diabetes Challenge category, may undergo BMI & HbA1C test (Free of cost) at the RAK Hospital facility & must bring all their Registration Documents for validation. Please note that the lifestyle evaluation test can be taken online.

RAK Diabetes Virtual Participants*

Participants may take their BMI & HbA1C test at their own cost at any medical clinic convenient to them. But to qualify for an Award/Recognition, the participant must submit proof of the BMI & HbA1C reports taken on the first and the final day of the challenge. Please note that the lifestyle evaluation test can be taken online.

All participants will receive weekly health tips on how to manage their diabetes and are eligible to attend our expert webinars on diabetes management.

RAK Diabetes SMS Group Participants*

These participants are taken from the RAK Hospital Data Base of Diabetes Patients. Since they are only accessible by mobile phone (& not by emais), they will get their weekly Health Tips Links & Weekly Webinar Links by SMS or Whatsapp. SMS Group participants will be automatically registered as participants by the organizers, AWLM .