Rules & Regulations(Physical/Virtual)

  1. All participants (Physical & Virtual) will be required to register online at the at RAK DC 2023 (RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 site) from 14th to 20th August .
  2. Participants in the RAK Diabetes Physical Challenge are required to visit the RAK Hospital Tent Facility on Day 1 (Fri-18th Aug, Sat-19th Aug and Sun -20th Aug , 2023) for the BMI, HbA1C test, & online lifestyle evaluation etc
  3. Participants in the Virtual category may take the BMI & HbA1C test at their own cost at any clinic of their choice during the period 14th to 20th Aug & to complete the online lifestyle evaluation & upload the result in the RAKDC23 website.
  4. Participants in the RAK Hospital OP Patients, Clients category, will be invited to take the HbA1C test free of cost at RAK Hospital Tent Facility from 18th -20th August, in case they would like to qualify for prizes & sponsorships
  5. All Participants during the registration & validation are required to sign/accept medical consent/indemnity form.
  6. Participants have to produce their Emirates ID for verification & registration (on Day 1 and Final Day.
  7. RAK Hospital OP Clients with a Fasting Blood glucose levels are above 130 mg/dl or RBS of over 200mg/dl, or HbA1c above 5.7 or are on medication for diabetes, are automatically registered for the challenge
  8. Participants will receive weekly/fortnightly Healthy tips on how to manage Diabetes, by email/SMS.
  9. Experts including Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Physicians & Lifestyle specialists will conduct weekly/fortnightly webinars on various aspects of diabetes.
  10. Active participants will be invited to record their final HbA1C, on Nov 11th & 12th 2023
  11. For the final event function on Nov 14th, World Diabetic Day, the Top 100 winners will be invited for award distribution ceremony.

Corporate Team Challenge

Corporate Team Event, where a corporate puts up a team of 10 or more employees to compete in the Corporates name against other Corporate Teams:

  1. HR/Admin to encourage employees, who are diabetic or pre-diabetic to register online in the RAKDC23 site, for the challenge, and win prizes.

  2. All employees who register will get FREE HbA1C & BMI test at the beginning of the challenge between 18th – 20th Aug 2023, in RAK Hospital, or at any RAK Hospital Clinic.

  3. All participating employees will receive weekly tips and will be part of the weekly webinars, to help them to manage their diabetes.

  4. All participating employees will also undergo FREE HbA1C & BMI test at the end of the challenge from 11th & 12th Nov. 2023.

  5. The team with the Maximum Registrations and the Team with the most improved HbA1C, BMI and lifestyle scores will receive the corporate awards and trophies at the final day function on Nov. 15th 2023

All the above Rules etc are subject to change & the decision of the Organizers will be final.