Rules & Regulations

  1. Every participant will be required to register online at the at RAK DC 2022 (Rak Diabetes Challenge 2022 site) from 15 th Sept till 25 th Sept .
  2. Participants in the RAK Diabetes Physical Challenge will have to visit the RAK Hospital Facility on Day 1 (Sat 24 th Sept or Sun 25 th September, 2022) for the BMI, HbA1C test,& online lifestyle evaluation etc.
  3. Participants in the Virtual category may take the BMI & HbA1c test at their own cost at any clinic of their choice during the period 15 to 25 Sept, along with the online lifestyle evaluation & upload the result in the RAKDC22 website.
  4. All Participants during the registration & validation have to sign/accept medical consent/indemnity form.
  5. Participants have to produce their Emirates ID for verification & registration (on Day 1 and Final Day.
  6. SMS Group Participants diabetes details are already registered in the RAK Hospital Data Base. They are eligible to get free HbA1C tests at any Rak Hospital Clinic (Al Jazeera, Al Ghail) during the period 26 to 30 Sept.
  7. Participants will receive weekly Healthy tips on how to manage Diabetes, by email/SMS.
  8. Experts including Endocronologists, Diabetologists, Physicians & Lifestyle specialists will conduct weekly webinars on various aspects of diabetes.
  9. Active participants will be invited for final day HbA1C, BMI & lifestyle recording, on December 17 th & 18 th
  10. For the final event function on Dec 20 th the Top 100 winners will be invited.
  11. Participants with an HbA1C reading of 5.7% and above are eligible for prizes.
  12. Participants with an HbA1C reading below 5.7% will not be eligible for the prizes but will continue to receive Health Tips, Webinars invites, etc.
  13. Participants excluded from the challenge due to medical reasons will be advised accordingly at the time of registration