Webinar schedule

We propose to conduct educative webinars for all the Rak Diabetes Challenge participants, addressed by eminently qualified speakers on the following topics, during the duration of the challenge, every Friday for 45 minutes, 11:00 am - 11:45 am. (wef Friday 25th Aug to 10th Nov 2023) Topics & Speakers are subject to change. The specific topic & speaker will be circulated a week ahead to all concerned.

1 25th Aug Protocols of Diabetes Management Dr Hala
2 1st Sept 360* Diabetes Care & Neuropathy Dr. Sweta
3 8th Sept Therapeutic Diet in Diabetes / Diet In Diabetes Ms. Ruba
4 15th Sept Nuances of Diabetes Care / Advances in Modern Diabetes Care Dr Humam
5 22nd Sept Exercising Diabetes – Calisthenics & Yoga Dr. Madhurima
6 29th Sept Diabetic Eyecare / Diabetic Retinopathy Dr. Archana
7 6th Oct Relevance of Fasting in Diabetes Ms. Ruba
8 13th Oct Diabetes & Renal Health Dr. Elhadi
9 20th Oct Diabetes & Heart health Dr. Adel
10 27th Oct Alternative Medicine for Diabetes Dr. H S Wilkhoo
11 3rd Nov Diabetic Ulcers – Fatal Gangrene Dr. Suresh
12 10th Nov Living with Diabetes – Experience sharing Participants