Webinar schedule

We propose to conduct educative webinars for all the Rak Diabetes Challenge Participants, addressed by eminently qualified  speakers on the following topics, during the duration of the challenge, every Friday for 40 minutes, 11:00 am - 11:45 am. (wef Saturday 23 th September to  9 rd Dec 2022) Topics & Speakers are subject to change. The specific topic & speaker will be circulated a week ahead to all concerned.

1. Winning Against Diabetes- 30th September 2022
Dr Humam
2. Diabetes Diet- 7th October 2022
Ms Ruba
3. Calisthenic Exercise- 14th October 2022
Ms Cornelle
4. Clinical Edge-Metabolic Syndrome- 21h October 2022
Dr Hala
5. Popular Diets & Fasting- 28st October 2022
Ms Ruba
6. Diabetic Eyecare "Diabetic Retinopathy"- 4th October 2022
Dr Archana/Dr Mohit
7. Yoga for Diabetes- 11th November 2022
Ms Zareena
8.Diabetes- Holistic Medicine- 18th November 2022
Dr H S Wilkhoo
9. Diabetes A Lifestyle Medicine Purview- 25th November 2022
Dr Madhurima
10.Diabetic Nephropathy- 2nd December 2022
Dr Gena
11."Pins & Needles" Diabetic Neuropathy- 9th December 2022
Dr Sweta
12.Diabetes Myths & Facts
Dr Salman
13.Surgical management of Diabetes
Dr Suren
14.Glycemic Response: GI Vs GL
Ms Ruba